7 Secrets to Low Maintenance Beauty

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It may be the fact that I'm now a busy mom of two, or the farm girl coming out in me, but I put on a full face of makeup and get my hair washed and styled once a week if I'm lucky. However, in between, I do my best to not look like a complete hobo. Here are my top 7 favorite products to keep me looking fresh on a daily bases. I'm going to break this into three categories, Hair, Skin and Eyes. 


Lets talk about hair. I so often hear the term "hair envy" when people talk about pictures of my hair on Instagram and such....guess what, I actually have AWFUL hair. It is so fine, straight as a board and nearly impossible to get to hold a nice curl. When I was in college my cousin became a hairdresser for a Bumble and Bumble salon and my life was forever changed. So my first tip:

1. Bumble and Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner 

      • I personally like to use Super Rich and Gentle, but they have great options for every hair type. Using a high end shampoo and conditioner will help your wash last longer. I only wash my hair once a week, and spacing my washes out has made my hair so much healthier and has allowed me to grow it out as long as I want it without being horribly damaged.
      • My favorite thing about dry shampoo, is it keeps your hair looking, and smelling fresh even on day 5-7. I have done my fair share of testing dry shampoos, and the Orlando Pita Play is my favorite. I love that they have a dark hair option, it provides TONS of volume and smells heavenly. 

Let's move on to talking about skin. I have combination skin. One second it's flaking and the next an oily mess. If I don't take special care, I tend to get zits and horrible blackheads. I have changed up my skin care routine in the last year, and it's a night and day difference. So for starters, lets get your skin clean!

3. Gender Bender by Posh 

      • This soap is great for your face and beyond. It is made with charcoal powder to pull out all the toxins. Seriously a game changed for my skin.
      • before this brush, nothing got rid of my blackheads. I would have had to have a professional facial twice a month to keep my skin as clean as this brush does. It gentle enough for daily use, yet does the deepest of cleans.
5. Coconut Oil
      • I use an organic coconut oil for EVERYTHING! I have recently started using it to take off my eye makeup, it is so gentle on my lashes and is great for moisture around my eyes. No need to waste money on all sorts of eye creams, coconut oil is amazing for wrinkle prevention. I also use it on the back of my kiddos arms for those little annoying bumps, works like a charm. 

6. Essential Oils 

      • I would't know what to do without my oils. Lavender, Frankincense and Rosemary are my go to daily. Amazing for the annoying pimple, soothing and even hair growth. I use both Doterra and YoungLiving and think they are equally amazing. 

Last, eyes. The speaker of the soul. 

7. Rodan and Fields Lash Boost 

      • Just to be clear, I am not a seller of any of these products, just a believer. Just like my hair, my lashes are fine and straight. After a run with eyelash extensions, my lashes were trashed. I started using Rodan and Fields Lash Boost about a year ago....and holy WOW! They are so long I get comments on them daily. It seriously works like a charm! I also had permanent eyeliner done by the ever so talented Le Beauty Gypsy (in Boise, ID) about a month ago, I literally wake up looking almost "done."  

So here's to the little things that make a big difference, because feeling beautiful is important, confidence radiates! 


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    Karen on
  • I love all these tips! Thanks for sharing. I have got to try that dry shampoo… I’m finally trying to train myself not to wash hair every night (#OilyProbs) and finding the perfect dry shampoo isn’t easy!

    Jaclyn Ashcraft on

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