Hiking with Kids - Finding the Right Carriers

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Ben and I love to get outside and enjoy this beautiful state we live in. Idaho has so much gorgeous scenery. From the Owhyee Mountain's desert and canyon scape, to the lush forest and mountain lakes of Northern Idaho, we love it all. Since having kids, we have had to change up our style a bit, but we try not to let it slow us down. We have an almost 10 month old boy and a three and a half year old lady. Obviously Brody needs carried the whole time, but Waverly enjoys moments of independence, only to want to hop on a back steps into our hikes. We have experimented with several packs and would love to share our experiences. 


Soft Carrier: When it comes to a soft carrier, we absolutely LOVE our KinderPack. Usually we have Brody in this pack. If you are hiking with babies under 6 months, this would be my first recommendation; however, Waverly fits well too. It's waistband is so supportive. I have a bit of sciatica and this provides awesome support all the way around. It's shoulder straps are very padded and comfortable for both mama and child. This pack adjusts great to fit both myself and Ben, who is significantly larger than me.  One of my favorite things about the KinderPack is the mesh backing, this allows for a cooler ride during the summer months. Brody rides in two positions in this pack, on the front facing inand riding on the back. There are tons of awesome print options in the KinderPack as well as very basic materials. If you decide to purchase this pack, code IDAHOMELIVING will get you $10 off your purchase. 


Semi Structured Carrier: I love the MiaMily Carrier because it is so unique in design. This pack has an insert that you can purchase to carry an infant, but is designed to carry older children as well. I got this carrier with Waverly, my 28lbs kiddo in mind. It has a hard padded seat that straps around your waist to make it feel as if you are giving your child the most comfortable of piggy back rides. The seat is structured to hold up the child's position and has some great space beneath it to hold extra belongings (phone, wallet, small water bottle, baby wipes, etc.) It also has a removable piece that can be unzipped to revile a mesh backing that breaths well in the hotter months. It shocked me how well the weight is distributed in this pack. I literally feel no pressure on my shoulders, so no uncomfortable straps causing upper back/shoulder pain. The MiaMily Carrier can be worn forward facing, inward facing, on the back, on one shoulder or without any straps at all. The pack actually unzips off and leaves a hipster baby seat to simply rest your kiddo on. I'm obsessed with this feature, because often times I find myself just carrying Brody around the house, putting mass strain on my wrist. This seat makes it easy to rest him there while I tear around doing my mama duties, but is easy to set him down when needed. 

 Look, Grandpa's even enjoy wearing babies in this MiaMily Carrier!!! 


Sometimes I actually wear BOTH the carriers at the same time! That's called mission lose the baby weight right there. 

Framed Child Carrier: We don't currently own a framed pack for those big summertime hikes; however we are  hoping to get our own by next summer. Last summer we borrowed a Kiddy Adventure pack from some friends. This pack was a great pack when needing to carry more gear and a good bang for your buck. If we are going to get a framed pack, it will be for long hikes and the need to bring in lunches, and all sorts of gear, so I want to make sure we have the most comfortable option for the long haul. I would not hesitate to buy our own Kiddy Adventure Pack; but my very first choice would be the Deuter Kid Comfort Air. It has an awesome fit, is perfect for climate control and distributes the weight amazingly. I think Deuter does hiking gear right and I would love to invest in a good carrier for my babies.

So here's to finding new trails, exploring the great outdoors and spending time with your family!



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