Mealtime with Brody

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As many of you know from our Baby Food post on Cooking With Kitchen Craft, I am a strong believer in making my own baby food. But as a busy mom of two, there are moments that this is just not possible. I am known to have a banana or avocado floating around the diaper for a quick and easy meal for Brody, but now I have another awesome go to solution, Amara baby food.  Amara provides on the go pouches of dried fruits and vegetables that you just add with warm water or breastmilk. Amara uses a unique technique that uses cold and pressure to lock in the essential nutrients and goodness of the fruits and vegetables. Easy, delicious and absolutely nutritious! 


Brody tried the Kale Potato Mash mixed with a little mama juice (breastmilk) first. It is filled with organic potato, organic kale, organic bananas and a tad bit of organic onion. He loved it! Happy baby, happy mama. 


Another must know mom hack....Templeton Silver Clips ....these clips save us from EVERYTHING being thrown on the ground. From pacifiers, to toys, to silverware. They will keep your baby's items clean and safe. Not to mention they are made out of sterling silver, which is naturally antimicrobial and cleans up easy. Our spoon is from Bambu Organic and is awesome because it has a hole made for a clip.

Happy Baby Feeding!





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