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As a photographer, I want to talk a little bit about style. I will be the first to admit that over my photography lifetime, I have changed styles a few times. I use to edit very light and airy with borderline over saturated colors, but as the trends have changed, so has my editing style. I have found a "mood" and "feel" within my photos that I feel reflect me as a photographer and are the best fit for my target audience. So if you are an aspiring photographer, I suggest you find a style and stick to it so that your clients can know exactly what to expect.


Now, as a photography client, I suggest to look at a photographer's work before hiring them. Ask yourself, do their photos fit within the aesthetic of my lifestyle? Am I a fan of the tones in the photos and do they make me "feel the moment?" If yes, they are the photographer you should hire, if it doesn't quite seem right, move on to other options or everyone will feel disappointed.


I am speaking from experience. I recently had a client that was extremely disappointed with my work. They had hired me based on referral and had never seen any of my work. The actual shoot went great, but when the client received the photos, they were very displeased. From both sides, our hearts were crushed. I was literally floored. I had never had an experience like this and I felt sick. How could I take a client's money when I had butchered their event??!?! My client was thinking that her one chance at large family photos (which are far and few because everyone is NEVER all in the same place at once) was ruined. Luckily, the client was not hesitant to voice their opinions. As hard as it was to hear the tough criticism, I was happy to receive it to learn that the main issue was the colors, my editing style. I asked the client if she had ever seen my work, and I was informed that they had not. Okay, that's where this ALL went so terribly wrong. We were able to talk over what they were looking for and I reworked the photos to show true colors. By the end of the whole deal, I FINALLY had a happy client. 


I am going to show you and example of how much editing can change a photo. (No this was not my unhappy client, I was hired for this shoot based off my style and the results put all parties on cloud 9) 


Honestly I think both are beautiful, but they are obviously stylistically very different. So photographers, pick your target audience, pick your style, stick with it and feel confident in your decision.  Before taking a client, show them examples of your work and make sure you two are a good fit. Clients, please know what you are hiring so that you have the best results possible. 


If you are in the greater Boise area and are looking for a photographer and you think I am a great fit, please shoot me a message and find me on Instagram to view more of my work @KksCreative 




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  • What great advice! This is what I’m working on at the moment. I should’ve done this BEFORE I started my photography business but thankfully I haven’t really started due to the new baby and it is giving me time to work on what I really want my style to be.
    You’re amazing! Love seeing your work.

    Donna on

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