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Body Image. This is a topic that's everywhere, yet one that I've altogether ignored addressing because frankly, I struggle with it. I'd love to say that I've accepted my mom-bod and feel completely comfortable in my skin, but that would be a lie. I have unwanted cellulite, a tummy that says I've carried two babes, and a lack of muscle tone...basically everywhere. Yes I can still fit into a size 4, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am "skinny" or "fit". But regardless of my body, I have a life to live. I am not going to miss out on the lake or pool because I don't have the perfect bikini body, nope, I'm rocking the Mom BOD and living big for my family! 


Here's a little bit of my story. Before I got pregnant with Waverly, I was in the best shape of my life. 9% body fat, strong as an ox with the endurance of deer. I lived to work out and eat clean, it was just Ben and I's lifestyle. It was a bit self-centered and all consuming, but why not, we didn't have kids and it was something fun for us as a couple.



 During my pregnancy with Waverly, I worked out hard all the way to the end. I definitely my ate fair share of donuts, and managed to gain 40lbs, but, I stayed overall very fit. My goal was to get right back to the gym once Waverly was born. I wound up with a breech babe and a c-section that lead to a much longer road to recovery than I had anticipated.  As soon as possible, I started running and attempting to go to the gym. Luckily I dropped 30 lbs within the first month of having her, so I just had about 10 to go. Waverly hated the gym child care and my milk supply took a massive dip, and considering Wave would NEVER TAKE A BOTTLE, I decided a mom bod was worth a happy/healthy baby that my body was solely feeding. So I took a break, settled into my shape, and got a little too comfortable. 


Next thing you know, we're talking about round two of babies, and I got pregnant with Brody. No joke, I didn't work out once while pregnant with him and fully enjoyed all the delicious food Texas has to offer. And if you know anything about living in Texas and being pregnant with a boy, barbecue and Mexican food spoke to my soul! I loved being pregnant with Brody and 100% embraced being large and in charge throughout his pregnancy, gaining 40 lbs and a handful of stretchmarks with him as well. I once again committed a year of my life to laying low and breastfeeding my baby; however, told my self that 2019 would be my year to find my inner fitness junkie. 


So January 1st 2019 rolls around, Brody is weened, and I haven't worked out in 3.5 years. My kiddos need my attention as much now as ever, I want to spend my free time getting the mile long list of "to dos" done, and hang out with my favorite guy, Benny.  Yes, this is my excuse list, but it makes sense to me. Some day I know I will get back, but it's not right this moment, and I am not going to let my body insecurities stop me from enjoying time with my family. So I found a few suits that make me and my mom bod feel confident and I live life. 


I encourage all you ladies, no matter what your size or shape, to go for that swim, and feel confident with whatever you are working with. God designed our bodies to do the most amazing things, and that means we may have scars and extra baggage to wear. But wear them proud, know you are BEAUTIFUL, and His definition of perfection. 




If you are looking for that awesome swimsuit for the women's body, I highly recommend you check out June Loop, not to mention, they make it really fun to match with your mini. They are designed right here in Idahome and made in the USA, go check em out 

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