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Many of you know me and my kiddos, Wavey and Brody, through our brand repping journey on Instagram. I was a photographer turned mommy, and shortly after Waverly was born, we temporarily moved to the DFW, Texas area. As much as I loved being a stay at home mama, I needed to find a little something extra for Waverly and I to enjoy together. A friend of mine told me about Brand Repping. For those of you that have never heard this term, basically, small shops and makers, such as Etsy businesses, need models and promotion without having to fork out the big bucks. With most of my agreements, I gave the shops photos and marketing on our social sites in exchange for free or highly discounted clothing. My kids are dressed in the finest, I don't hardly spend a dime, and my passions collide; photography, fashion and most of all, my babies. 

Now that Waverly is getting older and our move back to Idaho has brought a million changes into our lives, I've decided to step back a bit from our brand repping; however, I want to talk a little about our favorite shops and why we will ALWAYS support their businesses.


First and foremost, Sweet As April Bonnets. Carrie, this sweet bonnet maker told me I was her last choice for reps back in 2016. I entered the search after she had supposedly closed it, and she wasn't sure if my style was really what she was looking for. Jeeze, rocky start right? Little did she know, I was exactly what she was looking for. My child was the perfect bonnet model and our personalities SPARKED! She has become one of my best friends and has a heart of gold. Carrie's bonnets are the original lace and embroidered bonnets made from upcylced materials. I label her as the bonnet queen of the world. So, if your looking for the perfect bonnet, look no further. 


Next up, moccasins and boots - Sun and Lace. These are hands down my favorite moccasins and soft soled boots. Her leather is pure, genuine goodness. They are always so soft, stay on my kid's feet and LAST! I have shoes that Waverly wore and wore and wore, and are still in good enough shape to pass on to Brody. If you need a discount code, use WAVEY for 20% off.


Clothing go to - Tate and Adele. For nearly every special occasion, my kids are probably wearing Tate and Adele. They have awesome high quality options for boys and girls, from dressing up, to everyday wear, Amy's shop is my favorite. Something about that Northwestern style speaks to this Idaho girl. If you're wanting to shop, use code WAVEY15 for 15% off your entire order. 


Socks and Tights - Magnolia Kids. Waverly is an all legs kind of girl, so finding pants that are long and thin enough is nearly impossible. So she lives in tights and dresses all winter long. Magnolia kids has the best colors and quality. I think her business is run beautifully and I love all the options for Wave, Brody and mama too! 


Remember, that by shopping small, an actual person does a little happy dance. We are big supporters of tons of other shops. If you are looking for the best bows, pacifier clips, leather goods, tee shirts, wooden toys, blankets or swaddles, home decor or whatever, don't be afraid to ask me my opinion, I'd love point you in the write direction. 



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  • Some of our favorite shops and some I still want to try!!

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