Unicorn Birthday Party

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Our Wavey girl is 4 and obsessed with all things unicorn, so obviously she required the most magical unicorn party.

Enjoy all the photos and I will break down where everything came from or how I made it.


I blew all these up myself, but I would definitely recommend getting an electric pump to speed up the process and save you a lot of air!  

  • I got two packs of balloons because I wanted a wider variety of color. 
    • Pastel Balloons with Garland Kit came with a plastic flexible garland to hand the balloons on, then I just strung it up into the trees. 
    • Lextex Party Balloons  are the balloons only, but I found they had a bit of a richer color to them when blown up, so they added a lot to the garland.


  • Every year we use Invited by Audriana to create signs and invitations, and she does an INCREDIBLE JOB! Would recommend her every time. 
  • Our other sign is from Cuddle and Kind and it came with Waverly's darling unicorn pal. 


  • Disclaimer....this Unicorn Dress is from China. It was actually shipped surprisingly fast, but I would still give yourself at least a two month cush to make sure it gets to you on time. If your on a crunch, there are similar ones on Amazon.  
  • Unicorn Headband - This came with the dress and I just wired on live flowers. 

Blow Up Unicorn Sprinkler 

made a big impact and was so fun for the kids to run through 


  • Not pictured....I had a hamburger bar for main food along with a pretty rainbow fruit platter, pink lemonade, and unicorn cups that I made.


    • Pastel Marshmallows 
    • Pastel Candy Marbles 
    • Unicorn Horns
      • I made these from Bugles, white candy melts with pastel food coloring and sprinkles.
      • Just melt the candy in small doses and add 2 drops of food coloring. Dip bugles, sprinkle and let cool. Great sweet and salty, magical treat!
    • I also added them to homemade rainbow chip and buttercream cupcakes for an extra unicorn treat.


      • I used the unicorn lucky charms in the bottom, Vanilla yogurt with sprinkles mixed into the middle and threw a small sugar cone on the top to make the most darling of unicorns. 


    • THE CAKE

      • The horn, ears and eye toppers are from Amazon 
      • The flowers are real, so have fun and be creative!
      • The cake I made 
        • One Box of Rainbow Chip (I baked half in a round 8 inch pan, and make 12 cupcakes out of the other half)
        • One box white cake mix (I separated into 4 even parts and added pink, purple, yellow and a mix of blue and green to them. I baked them in 8 inch pans for about 15 minutes.  
          • Tips to baking cakes: The key to a fluffy cake is beat it to death! I let my mixer run for 3-5 minutes to get that extra fluffy cake. 
          • Bake as box instructs (shorten cooking time to 15 minutes if you are making thinner layers as I did here). Allow cakes to cool on a cooling rack for about 10 minutes, then place in freezer for about an hour. I then take out the frozen cakes and wrap in saran wrap, and place back into the freezer until ready to compile cake.  
          • Get the cakes out of freezer and shape, I use a serrated knife to cut the top off the cake to get smooth layers. I also shaved around the sides to get the colored layers to show through a little better.
        • I make my own butter cream frosting the day of. Here is a super easy recipe. I make a double batch to make sure I have plenty. Do a layer of frosting between each level of cake, place a thicker layer on top and smooth out. It really is that easy. 



I personally think real greenery and flowers are a must for any party. I actually cut most of these flowers, but also went to my local grocery store and picked out a variety of flowers within the party color scheme along and made three arrangements as well as kept out a handful for the cake. Often Trader Joe's is the best place to get flowers if you have one close by, but Albertson's also had great options. 



I ordered these plastic unicorn headbands on Amazon, I loved that they had colors for the boys at the party too!

Most importantly HAVE FUN! Happy party planning to you.






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  • Kelsie!! Thanks for all the tips!! Definitely keeping that in mind for my daughter 4th birthday 😭😭💗

    Isa on

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