Up Up and Away 1st Birthday

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Up Up and Away, It's Wavey's First Birthday 

One thing I am passionate about is PARTIES! I am one of those "let's create the Pinterest party" kind of ladies, even if it's only our families that are coming. So I am so excited to share with you Waverly's 1st Birthday party, Up Up and Away! 


My first suggestion with party planning is always, choose a color scheme and go with it. By a scheme I mean an array of colors, not one color and make everything be completely matchy matchy. I shopped around and found the perfect party fans to create the main wall display. The brand of our fans were My Minds Eye (Coral and Gold) and I was super pleased. I attached them to an old window frame using wire, but they could easily go on the wall with glue dots.

I bought Chinese lanterns and honeycomb balls from our nearest party store and made these awesome hot-air balloons by following a simple macrame pattern and wiring them to the baskets, if the baskets have handles, you can easily tie the macrame on.. I'm a huge believer in DIY because it can save you so much money. Watch my video tutorial on how to make the macrame below.  Also, you can buy tiny baskets to uses here! I simply hung the balloons from the ceiling with good packaging tape and fishing line. Hello amazing! 


My next suggestion to a gorgeous party, live flowers and/or greenery. Find an array of flowers in the colors of your party in different shapes and sizes to add variety and interest. I usually rade a few local gardens (with permission of course) and just go to our closest grocery story and pick out a few bundles.  You don't have to break the bank to have beautiful floral arrangements.

Since it was Waverly's first birthday, I chose to have a small cake for her to use as her "smash cake" and made cupcakes for our guests. These darling cupcake toppers were from Frolic Party Shop on Etsy. I love these because you can request custom colors to match your party perfectly. 


Finally, don't forget to take photos....otherwise your kiddo will never know how truly amazing their 1st birthday was! 

 So cheers to amazing birthday parties and happy planning!


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